“We love her Little Genius series.  
Whether you’ve got a little mite to read to or just feel like regressing,
leave yourself in Kate’s capable hands”

"These are the sort of books that I would have loved when I was a kid."
Jacob Brown, Associate Editor, V Magazine


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3D Design graduate Lennard famously made a chair out of 1102 Bic razors (now in BIC's permanent Art collection), and a cult doll clock entitled ‘Riding Time’ (bought by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Michael Hutchence amongst others), a special version of which was commissioned by London’s Victoria & Albert Museum for their Street Style exhibition.  She continued to design such products as ‘The Glamp’, a doll with a light bulb head, which was dressed by fashion designers from Eley Kishimoto to Hysteric Glamour, through the 90s.

bic razor chair...'Riding Time' Clock...Glamp


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